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America is Doomed

America is Doomed

Covid-19 has flipped the world upside down. It seems like the world shut down, companies have lost money, people have lost jobs and loved ones. Corona has changed our way of life. Typically before leaving the house, we make sure we have our essentials; our phone, our wallet, and our ID, but now before leaving the house, we have to make sure we have our mask and some hand sanitizer. Many states have opened up, having three stages of reopening, but many people translate that to “corona is over” and there’s no virus. No more social distancing, no need for a mask, and our lives are back to normal.

In my opinion, the world will not go back to how it was pre-COVID for a long time. Many stores will not even come remotely close to exceeding their capacity, sporting games will not sell out, and many people will keep wearing their mask for large gatherings. Covid has affected schools across the world, especially universities. Many colleges have students from all over. I myself am an out-of state student. From the East coast, I pass nearly three states to get to the Midwest for school. Many schools have closed for the fall 2020 going 100% virtual like Harvard, while some are going back to in-person instruction with precaution. If the Universities do no open for in person classes, many students will stay at home to take class. Schools will lose money from housing, meal plans, tuition, and sporting events. ICE has declared that if international students do not have any in person classes, they are to return to their native lands. This idea personally is absurd because for one, there are thousands upon thousands of international students across the country. Many student athletes, researchers, and important civilians to their university. How is ICE expecting to send all of them back home. Will they raid every last university to kick out all their international students? What about these travel bans? Will it be lifted for the thousands of students to travel back home? I think that plan and idea will fall through because there are many conflicts and factors they did not consider. 

Like I said, many states have lifted restrictions, and people have taken advantage of that. Because of the lack of social distancing, nearly 36 states have seen a higher increase in cases than ever before. Many believe a second wave will hit by fall. While the UK has record breaking low rates, and has almost returned back to normal, the US number in cases has never been higher. The rates in cases and death have both dramatically increased. I believe for one, America is selfish. They want to do whatever, and if someone says “do not leave your house” they find every excuse to leave the house, without thinking of the consequences or the safety of others. With the rise in protest, hot weather, and vacation plans, COVID does not look like it will leave the states any time soon.

What do you think will happen to America? Will Americans soon give up these large gathering and eventually stay inside? Will ICE continue to try and evacuate all international students with no in-person classes? So with that being said, wear your mask, social distance, and take your vitamins!

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