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Fun Holiday Activities–Covid Edition

Fun Holiday Activities–Covid Edition

It is the most wonderful time of the year, but can the year end already?! Although we may not be able to do our typically holiday traditions with our friends and family, we can always find new activities to do while being socially distant. Here are a few ideas on what you can do to stay in the holiday spirit.

Gingerbread City

Ginger bread houses are always fun, but why stop there. Buying a a ginger bread city, or even a variety of ginger bread houses will take your typical holiday tradition to the next level. Everyone can add their own creative spin to the city, as well as making it a friendly competition. You can shop at Walmart, target, or at Amazon for your city kit. Don’t forget your gingerbread men (and women).

Cookie Contest

Of course, what’s a better way to enjoy the holidays than devouring delicious holiday cookies? Whether you make them from scratch or buy a bag of cookie dough, decorating cookies is always a fun and an enjoyable treat. Buy some cookie cutters, sprinkles, and icing and get to decorating. Form teams with your family, or compete individually. No matter the winner, everyone will have fun and will have a variety of cookies for dessert .

White Elephant Gifts or Secret Santa

Gift giving can get stressful and very overwhelming, especially if you want to get everyone the perfect gift. Why not try somethings new this year with secret Santa? Secret Santa (or secret snowman for those that celebrate Christmas) with family, fiends, or coworkers is a lot of fun. Make are everyones name is out in a hat and randomly pick how your gift will be for. But you must keep it a secret for everyone to guess at the gift exchange. This way you are only shopping for one person and there’s no stress on what to get everyone.

For a white elephant gift exchange, everyone is instructed to buy a gift that is not personal or with any great value. Whether its a back scratcher or a new waffle iron, each gift is wrapped up and hidden from everyone to see. After choosing the order, people pick which gift they think they may want (while still being wrapped), and can steal other peoples gifts. Once everyone had their chance at picking their item, everyone unwraps and sees what they got. Examples of what to buy include:

  • blankets
  • gingerbread house
  • flower pots
  • mini waffle iron
  • gift card
  • candle
  • pens/pencils

The gifts can be as funny and “stupid” as you want them to be. You can wrap a small gift card in a large shoe box to trick the person in thinking their prize is larger. White elephants are more fun, less expensive, and help relieve the stress on picking the right gift.

Zoo Lights

Many zoos light up during the holiday season with Christmas lights, hot chocolate, and light up wide life. Being outside can help clear your mind and enjoy the fresh air while learning about some different species and habitats. Check out your local zoo to see what events they are having during this time of year. Be sure to bring your mask!


Although some of us aren’t able to be around our family and friends, we can still be connected by hosting an ugly sweater party via zoom or FaceTime! You can DIY your own sweater or just buy one from Walmart or target. This will help us stay connected with our loved ones, while also staying safe and enjoying our typical holiday traditions!

Room/Door Decoration Contest

As you can probably tell, we love contest. Get involved with your neighbors and compete on who can decorate their house the best. For those of us in college, you can decorate your room or your door and compete for the top holiday decorations.Get creative and show off your artist abilities. However, not everything has to be a competition. We can simply decorate around the house and/ or dorm for fun and to bring everyone together. You can even plan to coordinate and have have a theme to tie everything together.


This year is like no other, and has really taken a toll on our lives. Be sure to relax, have fun, and get creative on making the best of this years holiday season. Don’t forget to check up on loved ones, wear your mask, stay safe, and finish the year strong. Happy Holidays!

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